A record of our ancient Brochs, Hill-forts and Sculptured Stones of Scotland

Dun Telve Broch


N.M.R. number:- NG81NW7 Highland HER number:- MHG5355   OS Grid Ref:- NG82901725  SCHEDULED



Site Description:-

Dun Telve Broch stands on the flood plain of Glean Beag. The well-built site is in a good state of preservation with the wall surviving to many metres making it an icon of brochs. Stone is said to have been robbed from this broch for the construction of the redcoat barracks at Glen Elg. The site is sign-posted through a gateway over pasture, no animals at the time of the site visit. Historic Scotland cares for this site and its neighbour, Dun Troddan, just up the glen. Access is from the glen road with a car park provided.


Major Structural Notes:-

The outside diameter is 18m with a wall thickness of 4.m at the entrance and an inside diameter of 10m. The highest part of the wall stands some 10m from the floor. The entrance passage, facing the west, has a ‘guard cell’ entered through the south-most passage wall. In the north quadrant a passage gives access to a further cell and a stair rising clockwise upwards. The walls are galleried horizontally and these galleries can be seen in the end sections. There are two scarcements visible, one level with the entrance passage roof and the second near to the surviving wall head. The wall batter is well demonstrated on these two sites.


Associated Structures:-

The entrance extends outwards through the remains of buildings including the base of a rectangular structure in the north-west accessed from this extension.


Site Setting:-

This broch, like its neighbour Dun Troddan, sits in the steep sided Glean Beag. Dun Telve stands amongst the arable flat land with the shore of the Sound of Sleat some 3Km to the west.


Special Mentions:-

 The iconic vertical spaces and horizontal wall galleries show the skills and design flair of the original builders.  


Sources: Site visits, Highland HER and RCAHMS Canmore database and PSAS50 (AO Curle).