A record of our ancient Brochs, Hill-forts and Sculptured Stones of Scotland

Recent and future excavations


Nybster Broch at Auckengill, Caithness


A fortnight of digging took place from April 26th until May 7th 2011.

Under the supervision of Drs Graeme Cavers and Andy Heald of AOC Archaeology, an area over the'blockhouse' was cleared and excavated. The aim was to establish a construction sequence for the site between 'broch', 'blockhouse' and 'broch village'.

Local volunteers provided the blood, sweat and tears.

Evidence of earlier structures below the 'blockhouse' entrance were uncovered as were steps created for the 19thC Tress Barry excavations. Artefacts discovered included evidence for metal casting and cannel coal ornamental working. A pendant of serpentine was also retrieved.

Further explorations over the 'broch village' will take place in August 2011.

Information can be viewed on the website at www.aocarchaeology.com/nybster



Clachtoll Broch, Stoer peninsula, West Sutherland


Operations to stabilise this broch should take place in August 2011. The site is under threat from active coastal erosion. There is also some damage from visitors to the campsite and the operations are expected to stabilise the entrance area as well as the seaward side.

This broch has an unusual floor plan with its intra-mural passages and cells.



Thrumster Broch at Thrumster Mains, Caithness


A community excavation will take place from July 4th until July 24th 2011 as part of the Festival of British Archaeology.